Alicia Keys Joked That She Might Not Come Back To Canada After A Fan Kissed Her In Vancouver

Alicia Keys just joked that she might not be returning to Canada after a fan got a little too up close and personal during one of her Vancouver shows.

While Keys was on her Alicia + Keys World Tour at Rogers Arena on August 29, a fan grabbed the singer’s face and kissed her right smack on the cheek.

Many fans caught footage of the encounter and in the video, you can see just how surprised Keys was by the whole thing.

Previously Keys commented on the wild experience, through an Instagram comment on a re-post of the viral video.

“Trust me, I was like what the F*CK!!!!!!!! Don’t she know what time it is???,” wrote Keys.

Although this wasn’t the first time Keys had something to say on the situation, in a recent interview with ET Canada, the star dished on how she felt about it a little bit more.

“Y’all do need to apologize, honestly Canada,” Keys said while smiling.

“I mean I’m not sure I’mma come back now,” she joked.

While the whole thing was happening though, she kept her cool.

“In my head. I was like, you know, it’s okay. God got me,” Keys added.

The star took the high road and made it clear that there are no hard feelings between her and the fan.

“Don’t touch me again please, but I love you,” Keys said, directed at the fan who might be watching.

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