Looking For Laser Tag In Toronto? (Our Top 4 Picks)

Don’t Overlook These Laser Tag Spots For Group Events

The best laser tag Toronto has to offer might be closer and more accessible than you think. This active and gently competitive sport is a fantastic way for kids to get moving, and get involved. Plus, most of these amazing laser tag spots in Ontario have other attractions as well, like bowling, ball rooms, and of course snack bars!

Whether you’re looking for a fun group event, or to host a kid’s birthday party, you’ll definitely want to check out these laser tag places in Toronto. Mix it up, try something new, and get everyone involved in the fun!

The 5 Best Laser Tag Places In Toronto

1) The Bubble

laser tag toronto
Image: @mikey.aadi on Instagram

High energy holiday parties start here at The Bubble! This is some of the best laser tag Toronto has to offer, as they have a strong emphasis on family gatherings. It’s busy and lively here, with an upbeat environment, and a great space for the kids to run around. They keep things clean and professional while also hosting a really light and fun space.  Safe, enjoyable, and affordable for birthday parties or just a fun day out.

2) The eZone

laser tag toronto
Image: @two_wild_dreamers on Instagram

The EZone is laser tag in Toronto at its best. This event venue is a grand place to have a kid’s party, and the laser tag is encouraging and gently competitive. Their party room is a spectacular place to host your gathering, and they even offer a party planner to help you with your details.

3) Kids Fun City

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Image: Google Maps

Kids Fun City is an amusement centre located in North York, and it’s a great place to bring your family for a fun and connected day together. The staff are friendly, and the prices are accessible. Even one hour of play here can reset you and your kids, and get you into the playtime mood!

4) Playtime Bowl & Entertainment

laser tag toronto
Image: @yourdesicanadian on Instagram

Playtime is a laser tag, bowling, and overall fun destination for groups, families, and more. The staff are really attentive and helpful, and the environment is setup for an immersive experience. We recommend going on the weekend for the full experience, as it’s nice to have enthusiastic people around you to boost the vibe!

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