Lukashenko labels himself and Putin as most ‘harmful’ and most ‘toxic’ people on Earth | World | News

Alexander Lukashenko has branded himself and Vladimir Putin as the “most harmful” and “most toxic” people in the world. The former Soviet state farm director’s comments were condensed into a 20-second Twitter clip which was shared by Ukrainian internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko.

The Belarusian leader said: “You know the two of us are co-aggressors, the most harmful and toxic people on this planet.

“We have only one argument—who is bigger.

” Vladimir Vladimirovich says I am, I’m starting to think he is, so we decided together.

“The same. That’s all.”

Lukashenko’s comments came as he met Putin in the Belarusian capital Minsk for the first time in three years, with all of their most recent meetings having taken place in Moscow.

Monday’s meeting came after weeks of speculation about Belarus’ potential future role in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

It comes only days after Lukashenko made comments that implied that if it was not for his own friendly relations with the Russian President, then Belarus could have suffered the same fate as Ukraine.

Ever since Moscow launched what it terms its “special military operation” in Ukraine, Belarus has remained one of its staunchest allies despite heavy western criticism and sanctions.

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According to the Russian news agency TASS, Lukashenko argued that Belarus and Russia have managed to respond to all threats, including COVID-19 and Western sanctions.

He said: “Strengthening Belarusian-Russian ties has become a natural response to the changing situation in the world, in which our strength has constantly been tested.

“I believe that, despite some rough spots, we are still able to find effective responses to various challenges and threats.”

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