Summer in Sydney: Andrew Webster

Latteria on Darlinghurst Road. Opens at 5am, great coffee and the bacon-and-egg rolls are so addictive I’ve banned myself from eating them.

Secret spot you escape to?

The trees near the NSW Police Wall of Remembrance in the Domain are a great place to throw a blanket and chill. Not many people seem to use the space compared with other areas of the Domain.

Best summer food?

Is Resch’s a food? No. OK, watermelon: the fruit and the Vodka Cruiser.

I know it’s summer when I smell …

The stench of fear coming from my opponent at the other end of the ping-pong table.

My favourite summer song is

Summertime by the Sundays.

Worst thing about summer?

You need to get to the beach at 4am these days to mark out your postage stamp of space on the sand before the crowds arrive. Then people stand on top of you. And are loud. While you’re trying to read. And. It. Is. Really. Annoying.

My closest bolthole is …

Newcastle – a city that’s changed so much in the past 20 years but retains strong working-class values.

Guilty pleasure?

If humming through summer to the pop rock of Daryl Hall and John Oates is wrong, I never want to be right.

What should change – and what should stay the same?

Too many rules, too much security, too many sniffer dogs, too much guilt and shame heaped on people having a good time. I am an adult, allegedly, and would like to be treated as such.

Since moving to Sydney 23 years ago, what I’ve loved most is that it’s unashamed and unapologetic about who it is. We don’t worry what Melbourne or Brisbane or Adelaide is doing, as much as they like to pot-shot us, because we’re too busy enjoying the most stunning city in the world.

Never lose the attitude, Sydney.

Summer in Sydney is a series where Herald staff reveal the best – and worst – of our city in the hotter months.

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