Should you sing when suffering from a cold?

Vocal fold nodules are another concern for many singers, but they aren’t caused by colds or infections, according to Costello. “Nodules develop over time when a singer brings their vocal folds together with a lot of energy. If you’ve got quite a loud voice, then you can end up with thickening calluses on your vocal … Read more

Leprosy: the ancient disease scientists can’t solve

If an effective rapid diagnostic test were available – one that was non-invasive and effective, many of these missing cases of leprosy and close contacts of patients could be diagosed, without the need for blanket prescriptions of rifampicin to potentially healthy individuals. The good news is that these diagnostic tests are currently under development – … Read more

Politics Briefing: Ottawa’s Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway set to get a new Indigenous name

Hello, The Ottawa thoroughfare named for Canada’s first prime minister is set to get a new Indigenous name later this year under a plan announced Thursday by the National Capital Commission. In 2012, the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper renamed the Ottawa River Parkway the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. But three Ottawa city … Read more