Epic Kills Battle Royale Game Just Six Months After Release

Image: Rumbleverse In August 2022, Epic Games—developers of Fortnite, custodians of the Epic Games Store, creators of the Unreal Engine, rich as God—published a melee-based battle royale game called Rumbleverse. It is now January 2023 (February already for me here in Australia), and the game is already being killed off. Here are some impressions written … Read more

The Sims 4’s Big Baby Update Is Looking Promising

Screenshot: EA The latest Behind the Sims Summit gave a look at what’s to come for the life sim franchise across The Sims 4, mobile games The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay, and The Sims 5 (we mean Project Rene). And yes, babies that aren’t objects will come soon. When are babies coming to … Read more

Bungie Explains Destiny 2’s Recent 20-Hour Outage

Screenshot: Bungie Two days ago, Bungie turned off the Destiny 2 servers while the studio looked into a problem that had players apparently losing progress on in-game challenges. This outage lasted a bit longer than everyone expected, with the free-to-play loot shooter remaining offline for nearly 20 hours. So what happened? Today Bungie pulled back … Read more

Call Of Duty’s Next Season Undoes What Warzone 2.0 Fans Hate

Image: Activision / Kotaku Season two for Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare II multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 arrives on February 15. An official blog from yesterday details the many changes we can expect for the game’s various modes, some of which ought to make fans of the original Warzone very, very happy people. Ya’ll didn’t … Read more

Destiny 2 Feels Like It’s Held Together With Duct Tape Lately

Image: Bungie / Kotaku / Kat Ka (Shutterstock) Free-to-play online MMO looter shooter Destiny 2, released in 2017, is one of my favorite video games. I play it all the time. I have multiple characters. I own all the recent seasons. It’s fantastic. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned for the … Read more

League Of Legends Company Blackmailed Over Hacked Source Code

Image: Riot Games On Tuesday, Riot Games announced that the source code for both League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics was stolen, and that it would not be paying the ransom demanded by hackers to get it back. It’s the latest in a spree of data breaches at big game companies, and means both … Read more

Blizzard’s ‘Workplace Ranking’ For Employees Sounds Like Hell [Update]

Image: Blizzard A story ran on Bloomberg earlier today with the headline “Blizzard Manager Departs In Protest of Employee Ranking System”. It sounds very businessy, maybe something that would land on the Linkedin news feed of a HR manager, but the stuff it’s describing is important because it sounds absolutely dystopian. Here’s how that “employee … Read more

2022 Was the Year Of Elden Ring

2022 was the year of Elden Ring, of Miyazaki, of Malenia. The highly anticipated FromSoftware title held the industry by its throat for months, dominating the conversation around difficulty, damage scaling, and player builds (including everyone’s favorite nepo baby, Elon Musk). It took over streaming, it renamed every animal ‘dog,’ it created legends.  After over … Read more